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♥K C C O♥
♥One tune, One love, One Orchestra♥

KCCO Committee

Chairperson - Sophia Ung
Vice-Chairperson - Felicity Tan
Secretary - Sheryl Liu
Treasurer - Nikko Tham
Score Master - Sarah Tay

Setional Leaders
Cello Bass - Jia Li, Elly
Plucking - Alvina Ho, Jau Jieh, Ying Ping
Strings - Nikko Tham, Rachel Lee
Woodwind - Amanda Tan, Wang Jing


Tuesday, February 26, 2008 ♥

Hey all!
as you can see i've changed the layout. i know there's some error here and there will put in order soon. hmm.. if you prefer the previous one let me know yeah?

First of all i'm sorry as i took sometime to add in the new sec1 list.
Secondly, thanks for giving your suggestions. yup.

to answer some questions;
1) there's about 105 members in KCCO. yup(:
2) there's practice everyweek unless it's announce that it's cancelled.
3) for sec1 jrs you don't have to come for friday practices unless you're told to do so.
anymore questions feel free to ask(:


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 12:51 AM

Monday, February 11, 2008 ♥

Sup people!

just a gentle reminder(:

1) there IS practice on wednesday

2) rmb to bring the cash/cheques on the 21st Feb/3rd Mar to pay the cca fees

see you all ard(:

♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:00 PM

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 ♥

hey people!

i know it's a little late but anw..

meet at the CO rm, 6.45am sharp!
be punctual!(:

attire: red collar top
long black pants or knee length black skirt
you are allowed to wear the outfit throughout the whole cny celebrations tmr.

order of song (for those who still don't know) : 1) 快马加鞭

see you all!(:

♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:41 PM