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♥K C C O♥
♥One tune, One love, One Orchestra♥

KCCO Committee

Chairperson - Sophia Ung
Vice-Chairperson - Felicity Tan
Secretary - Sheryl Liu
Treasurer - Nikko Tham
Score Master - Sarah Tay

Setional Leaders
Cello Bass - Jia Li, Elly
Plucking - Alvina Ho, Jau Jieh, Ying Ping
Strings - Nikko Tham, Rachel Lee
Woodwind - Amanda Tan, Wang Jing


Saturday, June 14, 2008 ♥


haha holidays are ending soon..
done your homework?
those in EMDD should be done le hor?
since next week we are so busy..
anyway, to remind you guys next week,
bring your $$ for your uniform on wed 18 june 2008..haha..

-wait,i go find the prices-

1. Tie : $7.00 [All Sections]
2.Bouse : $20.00 [All Sections]
3.Skirt : $24.oo [ Strings , Plucking and Woodwind]
4. Pants : $30.00 [ Percussion and Cello,Bass]
5. Blazer : $47.00 [All Sections]

haha! done!
and ohya,
Please Be reminded..
FNJ to be memorised by...
1st July 2008! :)

p.s go watch EMDD kay?LOL..


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 3:32 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 ♥


pardon me for i'm BORED so i decided to... post a few pictures(: heh

my current comm...(:
i hope you guys will continue to work even harder! some of you have just joined in and face pretty much problems but it's alright. it's the kinda part and parcel. because every problem you face, you'r getting closer to being a better leader yea. anyhows, there are still numerous events coming up your way! so BE prepared! haha. alright, i think you guys did pretty well handling the past few events. GOOD JOB(: one more thing, don't take your post lightly. you'r not given that to disobey the rules. okie dokie. i'll be back! hah.

an Orchestra you'll be leading(:

♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 8:29 AM