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♥K C C O♥
♥One tune, One love, One Orchestra♥

KCCO Committee

Chairperson - Sophia Ung
Vice-Chairperson - Felicity Tan
Secretary - Sheryl Liu
Treasurer - Nikko Tham
Score Master - Sarah Tay

Setional Leaders
Cello Bass - Jia Li, Elly
Plucking - Alvina Ho, Jau Jieh, Ying Ping
Strings - Nikko Tham, Rachel Lee
Woodwind - Amanda Tan, Wang Jing


Saturday, March 22, 2008 ♥


i'm just bored.. so anw,

rmb to be in sch at 2.45pm for the DHSCO concert.
see you there!(:

with love,

♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:47 AM

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ♥

Hey fellow co mates!

VSKC CO exchange was great wasn't it? YES IT WAS! i know that it is. haha.
Anyway, I would like to thank:

our teachers and principals who allowed this exchange
Mr Goh! our ever fun conductor & instructors
our dear Comm who put in tonnes of effort and time into it
the alumni
and of course everyone who participated!(:

here are the much awaited photos. haha. really sorry tht group 7, Facil: Benjamin don't have their photos. so if anyone who has it let me know yea? thanks!

Group 1, Facil: Eusebio

Group 2, Facil: Bryan

Group 3, Facil: Shamilyn

Group 4, Facil: Iris

Group 5, Facil: Jing Qun

Group 6, Facil: Wee Bian

Group 8, Facil: Joanne

Group 9, Facil: Emersius

Group 10, Facil: Alicia


P.S please take note that there's practice same time same place(:

♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:47 PM


it's my first time posting, cos queenie MADE me to. =D
ANW, there's practice as usual, same time, same places. BUT TAKE NOTE: there's NO practice on FRIDAY, cos there's no school(obviously), haha. =)

p.s: i KNOW all of you want ANOTHER EXCHANGE right?? give us feedback kay?


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:23 PM

Saturday, March 15, 2008 ♥


just a reminder to report for BMW..

DATE: 17/3/08 (monday)
TIME: 6.45am
PLACE: CO room.

and sorry guys! will update on the exchange camp. after i've gotten all photos that is :P


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 10:50 AM

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 ♥


a few things to note...

1) BMW rehearsal tmr (everyone that was involved in today's , 5/3/08, combine)
Time: 2.45pm
Place: CO RM
Pieces: first love and rhythm of the rain

2) Exchange camp
-we'll all be assembling in KC @ 7.30am and go home from KC too.
Attire: PE attire (both days)
things to bring: CO T-shirt (only on the 2nd day, those w/o the shirt you'll be receiving it soon)
instruments, files
hp is at your own risk.

if i've left out anything, please let me know(:


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 8:03 PM

Saturday, March 1, 2008 ♥


there are a few reminders here to take note of;

1) money and consent forms for the VS exchange camp
to be handed in to your SEC3 SLs by: 3rd March '08

2)those who haven receive your forms,
you'll get it on monday and please hand it in on: 4th March'08

3)there IS practice this coming wednesday.

4) Practice hard!(:


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:45 AM