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♥K C C O♥
♥One tune, One love, One Orchestra♥

KCCO Committee

Chairperson - Sophia Ung
Vice-Chairperson - Felicity Tan
Secretary - Sheryl Liu
Treasurer - Nikko Tham
Score Master - Sarah Tay

Setional Leaders
Cello Bass - Jia Li, Elly
Plucking - Alvina Ho, Jau Jieh, Ying Ping
Strings - Nikko Tham, Rachel Lee
Woodwind - Amanda Tan, Wang Jing


Sunday, June 28, 2009 ♥


It's your loan shark treasurer here. (:

A reminder to everyone: Please hand in your one buck for each month ON TIME. To date, ALL groups have at least one month's CO fund due. Percussion, you all are 3 months late. Woodwind, 2 months! Where's the punctuality?!

If you all are feel indignant for paying so much, please understand that around HALF of the CO fund is used for the EOY camp. More money= better food= a better time. Your money never goes to waste- unless you consider printing scores, snacks during events and stuff like that a waste.

I dont expect you all to pay now or whatever, but please pay up when your SL asks for the money. I dont want to hear another "My members dont have the money," another time, from any of the SLs. It's very tiring for them and for me.

Thanks. (:

P.S. Be well rested for Term 3! Treasure the time you gain from not having CO. DONT WASTE IT. >:)


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:22 PM

Any of you guys interested in going for this year's SYF closing ceremony?
Here's the details:

The Chinese Orchestra Presentation will be the closing event for SYF 2009.
Performing in the concert will be five local school Chinese orchestras who have performed excellently at the SYF 2009 Central Judging of Chinese orchestra in April and May.
The Presentation will also showcase the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra, conducted by Mr Quek Ling Kiong.
There will also be a guest performance by an overseas Chinese orchestra, from the Middle School affiliated to the China Conservatory of Music.

DATE: 30 Jul 2009 Thursday, 7:30PM

DURATION: Approx 2 hrs

Interval: Approx 20 mins

VENUE: Esplanade Concert Hall

TICKET PRICE: (Exclude Booking Fee)Standard - S$4

If you're interested,
feel free to contact either Chanel or yours truly.
Search SYF Closing Ceremony on facebook! (:


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 9:01 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 ♥

I'm sure you all know about the H1N1 right!
Okay, so those who're not well, get well soon!

Okay, and it's due to the H1N1 that we can't have CO practices!
Yeah, H1N1 can be anywhere, so take care!
Seriously! Dont let your parents nor our teachers worry for you all okay (:
And if all of us get well soon, CO practices will be back! Yay!


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 5:55 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009 ♥


This week's CO PRACTICES- 24 and 26th june are CANCELLED. Pls inform your parents of this notice. Thanks! :D
Your SLs should have informed you guys of this notice.


♥One tune, One love, One orchestra
@ 8:57 PM